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Teacher Training


Program Duration-600 Clock hours

Program Length-6 months

SOC Code-25-1194.00

Instruction Offered in English



600 clock hours will enable the trainee to achieve an education in application of the learning process, utilize instructional techniques appropriate to each student's needs and develop skills necessary to counsel and guide students. Upon receiving this training, he/she will be qualified to teach students at all levels of hairstyling, coloring, make-up, skin care and manicuring. CURRENTLY CALIFORNIA DOES NOT REQUIRE A TEACHER LICENSE.

LETTY’S BARBERING AND COSMETOLOGY COLLEGE offers this course to individuals interested in becoming teachers in California as well as other states. We anticipate that this course could become a requirement in California soon.



Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

a. Know the procedures of the various operations required by the State Board of Cosmetology, Barbering, Manicure

  and Esthetician.

b. Be competent with the terminology used in the field;

c. Obtain experience by understanding the function of teaching by participating in classroom environments;

d. Assess and present his/her teaching competencies and characteristics in terms of standardized tests


Professional or Vocational:

1. Prepare the student for a successful teaching career in chosen field;

2. Give the student background in the knowledge and techniques of teaching;

3. Furnish the student with experience in practicing teaching skills;

4. Foster ideals of establishing and practicing professional ethics.



1. Develop professional and ethical attitude.

2. Develop student-teacher problem solving techniques.

3. Impart knowledge and understanding of good citizenship.

4. Provide knowledge of the laws pertaining to beauty culture.

5. Develop sanitary and safe work habits and attitudes necessary in the practice of beauty culture.

6. Provide experiences of an occupational nature in the practice of beauty culture so that learning, evaluating and appreciation take place.

7. Develop and encourage the establishment of methodical habits.

8. Provide experience which is valuable in creating harmonious relationships with other

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