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About us

Welcome to Letty’s Barbering and Cosmetology College Los Angeles, CA 90022

Letty’s Barbering and Cosmetology College (originally known as Torrance Beauty College) is a family owned and operated Beauty College Founded by Carmen Romo. We have provided students with high quality beauty training and education for over fifty years. Letty’s Barbering and Cosmetology College remains committed to providing you with the competitive edge that you need to be successful.


Letty’Barbering and Cosmetology College welcomes every student into our family, providing you with every opportunity to complete your studies at the lowest cost possible. We are committed to helping you achieve your career goals, and will provide you with the academic and quality education and personal support you need to successfully complete your program.


At Letty’s Barbering and Cosmetology College we pride ourselves on guiding our students to their career goals while caring for all of their educational needs along the way. From cutting edge classroom instruction to hands on practical training in a salon environment, we continue the process through preparation for the State Licensing exam. Job search and career assistance as well as advance education courses allows our graduates to successfully attain employment in the beauty industry and related fields. We also closely follow professional trends, new and upcoming beauty products, fashion, and styles.

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