Cosmetology –Diploma Program

Program Duration-1600 Clock hours

Program Length-12 months to 24 months

SOC Code 39-5012

Instruction Offered in English & Spanish


Completing 1600 hours of applied effort and the following technical and operational requirements, a student will learn the art and science of cosmetology which includes hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring, chemical services, skin care and nail care. Graduates, once licensed, can secure positions as a hairstylist, chemical specialist, color specialist, make-up artist, skin care or manicuring specialist. Successful graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to pass the required California State Board examination for Cosmetology licensure.


Knowledge of State Board Rules and Regulations, laws, and other administrative requirements of cosmetology practices. Assimilation of knowledge in hair chemistry, principles of electricity as they apply to Cosmetology and principles of hair design and styling, hair enhancements, nail care, skin care, hair change, and hair color. Demonstrations by students that they have met all the state behavioral objectives prescribed for the course preparatory to state licensor examinations.


We cover the state required amount of time for technical and practical instruction in a variety of ways. Our students can participate in competitions, field trips and guest speaker demonstrations. In addition to exam preparation, our technical classes on salon management and rules and regulations will help prepare the students for joining the work force. 


The program has been designed to teach key fundamentals in cosmetology procedures, techniques, methods, applications, safety, hygiene and commercial products and supplies. The course consists of both technical and practical classes. Technical instruction means instruction by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. Practical operation means actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or mannequin. The classes are designed to promote self-esteem, appropriate employer/employee relations, effective communication skills, professional manner in variety of setting and prepare students to pass the State Board exam and enter the job market.


Required by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology in preparation to take the licensing exam:



A student who completes the 1600 hours, program required hours and operations with a cumulative score of 70% or better, have paid all financial obligations and completes the Graduate Exit Survey, s/he will be awarded a diploma certifying graduation and Proof of Training for State Licensure.

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